Road Warrior Tips | Dale Denham

Road warrior tips

I travel. A lot.  I have tried many different things to make travel easier.  Apps, pillows, luggage. . . you name it.  I continue to try new things, but I have a few things that have been consistently helpful to me and will hopefully help you as well.

1.        Invest in a 4-wheeled suitcase. 

How people use luggage with 2 wheels is beyond me.  I go cheap on my suitcase, but it MUST have 4 wheels.  Even though I’m cheap, I still get a good 2 years out of any suitcase I buy.

2.       A stylish zip-up hoodie. 

Flights can be cold as can the destination so I always carry a hoodie. My current favorite is this Sanmar hoodie.

3.       A comfortable backpack. 

Currently for me, it’s Elleven from Leeds.  It is essentially my man purse and I'm totally ok with that. 

4.       A neck pillow. 

Yes, you look stupid using it, but it feels good. Just don’t walk around with it on your neck please.  You can purchase these in a store or even at the airport.

5.       Earbuds.  
I tried headphones, and while noise cancelling is better than earbuds for sound, the headphones mess up my hair.  I’m not opposed to fixing my hair after, but sometimes you forget and well, I’ve looked like Bernie Sanders and realized it only after meetings ended.  So far, I have not found a great set of earbuds in the industry. Suggestions?

6.       Portable battery pack.  
I love my lightweight and very powerful MyCharge charger from Bic.

7.       Lenovo Yoga Laptop.  
I still use my iPad but I'm finding I use it less and less.  If I have to give up something, it’s easily my iPad.  The Yoga does it all.  It’s a bit big for reading a book, but I get a lot of work done.

8.       Apps I love:

a.       Outlook – The Outlook app on IOS and Android is amazing.  Get it.

b.       Audible & Overdrive – Audiobooks are a great way to pass flying time.

c.       Enjoy Sudoko – Great Sudoko app when I need a distraction.

d.       Onenote/Evernote – I now use OneNote, but was previously using Evernote. I put all my itineraries in OneNote even though my calendar usually has enough detail. Sometimes it is nice to have the original confirmation.

There are a few other items that make it on my list depending on the trip, but these items are always with me regardless of where I am going. Now it is your turn.  What is one thing that I should add to my must-pack list that will make my travel better?