The Petrie Dish

Every week there are articles published that are of interest to promotional products industry professionals across the land. To save you time, I have culled the internet for the ones you should read and the ones you should skip.


Promoting 3D Printing with 3D Printing – “Must Read” Article of the Week

Candidly, this might be the must read of the month or even year. Written by a consultant in the 3D printing world, the author shares some practical advice for 3D printer manufacturers on how best to leverage this technology in the promotional products industry. His main point is that promotional products are the ideal way for the 3D printing industry to market 3D printing – something that’s very difficult to argue.


Shaq Calls Himself ‘Real Unaminous MVP’ a Possible Shot at Steph

Yes, you read the title of this article correctly in that the word “unanimous” is misspelled – just like it is on Shaquille O’Neal’s shirt. Trolling Steph Curry, who became the first unanimous MVP in NBA history this past season but failed to win the championship, Shaq is the one who ended up looking like a fool with the obvious misspelling. Perhaps Shaq should leave the promotional products to the professionals.


6 Tips for Creating a Sexy Logo

Anyone who has created their own logo knows it can be both invigorating and petrifying at the same time. This article provides some very practical advice on important factors to consider when looking at making a logo. From being clear on the core values to (my favorite) testing how your logo will look on marketing and branding materials, this is an outstanding primer designing a logo.


‘Brexit’ Decision Sends Economic, Promo Shockwaves

While I loathe the term ‘Brexit’ more than I do sauerkraut, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) will have an impact on our overall economy. It will take at least two years (most experts believe it will be more than twice that) for Britain to fully exit the EU, but most believe it will lead more caution among clients. This story will develop over time and bears watching by everyone.


3 Crazy-Simple Ways to Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out – “Don’t Waste Your Time Reading” Article of the Week

If by “crazy-simple” the author means obvious to just about anyone, mission accomplished. The story starts innocently enough, pulling the reader in with the question, “isn’t it about time you spent a little time marketing yourself?” However, the article quickly goes sideways was it provides overly apparent tips such as investing in a professional photo and getting unique business cards. I wasted my time reading this article – learning nothing – so you won’t have to.