PromoKitchen Podcast #126 | Anthem Branding


Hello everyone, welcome to the PromoKitchen podcast. We are a community inspired conversation featuring boundary pushers, rabble rousers, freaks and geeks who are shaking up the $20 BN promotional products industry.

My name is Mark Graham, co-founder of commonsku and I’m delighted to welcome Ted Church and Anna Sork of Anthem Branding to the podcast today. Anthem is a fiercely unique promotional agency based in Boulder, Colorado.

Leading and differentiating their company through graphic and product design, Anthem has carved out a profitable niche within a busy promotional products industry filled with many lookalike distributors. While Anthem has a robust promotional products business, every client engagement starts with design and it’s this practice that we want to explore today in our podcast.

Ted Church launched Anthem out of a 1 room studio 12 yrs ago and has since grown it into an 8 figure distributor today. Anna Sork is Anthem’s Marketing Manager where she crafts the brand in the marketplace and leverages the firm’s unique position to attract multiple inbound sales opportunities.