PromoKitchen Podcast #119 - Learning about L.E.A.D.

In this episode, Mark Graham of commonsku is joined by fellow chefs Dale Denham of Geiger and Bill Petrie of PromoCorner.

For those of who are tuned into industry social media, you have likely seen your feeds dominated by L.E.A.D., PPAI’s Legislative Education and Action Day. Dale and Bill were among the dedicated group of volunteers that took to Capitol Hill to speak to members of Congress about our industry.

We were curious about L.E.A.D. and, given that Bill and Dale are prominent chefs, felt there was an opportunity to sit down with them to try and understand more about this initiative, why it matters, what success has come from L.E.A.D. and how more people can get involved.

Please enjoy and be sure to thank our friends and supporters at SanMar for helping us bring you this episode.