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PromoKitchen is a site that relies on the wisdom, insight and experience of its community to create exceptional content. If you have a topic you want to write, a video you want to share or if you want to participate in the podcast, please read our editorial guidelines below and then fill out our submission form and we'll be in touch. Keep in mind, the PromoKitchen community is comprised of distributors, suppliers, multi-line reps and many other service providers that contribute to the multi-billion dollar promotional products industry. Our purpose at PromoKitchen is to mentor young professionals entering our industry and also to make each other sharper as we improve our respective businesses and the industry as a whole. We are looking for rich content that speaks directly to the challenges and opportunities before us. We are seeking content written to help both beginners and pros in the business, our only rule of thumb: be helpful!

Examples of topics we are looking for (only examples):

  • Growing your business
  • Advances in technology and how it makes your business more profitable, operational software you use, smartphone/tablet integration/development
  • How to enrich distributor/supplier relationships
  • Marketing innovation and successful marketing strategies
  • Improving the image of the promotional products industry
  • How to be more creative, how to develop your creative muscle
  • Operational improvements, safety compliance, management (motivating employees, sample management, cashflow, financing, collections)
  • Productivity: working smarter, digital tools, physical tools, organizational tips, client/project management
  • Sales: how to drive the top line, how to spot business opportunities, prospecting tips, business develop tools, sales goals
  • Program management, importing/exporting
  • Stories: how you grew your distributorship/supplier/service business, changes you've made in your business that have made you more successful, lessons learned

Topics/posts we do not accept and tips to get published:

  • No product specific topics
  • No negative rants about specific suppliers, distributors, service providers, etc.
  • Clarion calls to “change the industry” (We know the industry needs to change. At PromoKitchen, we are trying to be the change and are interested in how you are changing the industry!)
  • Readers are looking for helpful how-to’s
  • Recycled content: approximately 20% of the content we post is recycled from other blogs, so feel free to share. Much more important however, our goal is to achieve 80% original content.
  • Photos: if you want a fast track to publication on the site, provide a super-cool photo along with some stellar copy

The best article to write? The one that you have a burning passion to share. Use that as your ultimate barometer. If you are unsure, email our editor and we can kick it around.

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