The kitchen is open!

In January 2011, a group of young promotional products professionals banded together to create a new voice for the industry. What started out as a casual email list has now blossomed into a blog that represents our myriad views and questions we have for the future of our industry. We call this the PromoKitchen. PromoKitchen represents a cross section of the industry: suppliers, distributors and service providers, Americans and Canadians, men and women, sales people and business owners, young and the young at heart.

We believe that best practice sharing is a good thing for an industry that is going through rapid change. We also believe in the power of community and how this industry can improve by establishing stronger connections between us all.

We don’t have all of the answers (not even close), but we feel that by expressing our thoughts here we can help move the industry forward. PromoKitchen is about debate, differing opinions and pushing the limits by discussing new and cool trends.

This site and its properties (newsletter, podcast, etc.) will always be 99% ADVERTISING FREE. Why 99%? Who is the 1%? The 1% are only those that keep this website and its properties running. For example, our friends at Creativello designed the logo. Our friends at iThemes provided the theme on this WordPress site.  The only advertising you will see (ever) is a small rotating logo discreetly placed at the bottom of the page of the posts (not on the homepage).

To set the record straight, we represent an independent view with the goal of helping everyone progress. We are not here to promote or demote any other industry “group” or “association”. PromoKitchen is an entirely volunteer force, all of the contributors are busy running their own businesses and do not profit from PromoKitchen. Our commitment to you is to provide rich content and open dialogue. We see PromoKitchen evolving into a larger community of progressively minded industry leaders that have something important to say.

Thanks for joining the conversation.