This Week in the Kitchen

It’s that time again!  The PromoKitchen Chefs are creating conversation, creating content and creating value.  We share some of that in This Week in the Kitchen! So grab your fork and spoon and let’s get after it!

The Danger of Conformity:  In business, the best place to be is standing out.  But to do that, you have to be brave.  Chef Bill Petrie reminds us why and how here.

PK Podcast:  On the latest edition of our signature content piece, Mark Graham talks with Tim Brown with QCA about why quality, safety and responsibility matters…and why it’s interesting!  Listen here.

Learning from the Infomercial:  Maybe you look down at the marketing prowess of the infomercial.  But you shouldn’t!  This week Chef Aubrey Collins explains why you should channel your inner infomercial!  Read here.

Time to Start An Apparel Line:  Each week Chef Marshall Atkinson talks about the world of apparel and decoration.  This week he takes a look at how to start an apparel line…read more here.

Delivering Marketing Joy:  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go from retail to promo?  You can learn some of the challenges from Kathy Cheng on Delivering Marketing Joy with Chef Kirby Hasseman.  Watch this video here.

unScripted Podcast:  Each week Chef Bill Petrie and Chef Kirby Hasseman take on the topics of the industry (and so much more) in the unScripted Podcast.  This week they go all over the place including training tips for new industry sales people, best comedy movie and private equity money in the industry.  Lots to get to, so click here to listen now.

So as you can see, there are a lot of delectable dishes coming out of the Kitchen.  Bottoms up!

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