This Week in the Kitchen

Can you smell that?  It looks like the PromoKitchen Chefs are at it again!  Each week the PK Chefs take a leading role in content creation designed to elevate the conversation…and the industry.  So in “This Week in the Kitchen” we take a look at the tasty dishes that our chefs serve up.  We hope you’re hungry!

PK Podcast:  It’s always exciting when a new PK Podcast is live!  This time Chef Mark Graham and Chef Charity Gibson talk to Jake Director of Strideline.  How do you crush it with Custom Socks?  Learn more here.

The Middle Seat Experience:  Anyone that spends any time flying knows what this means the moment they read the headline.  “Oh no.  Not the middle seat!”  But are you giving that experience to your clients?  Chef Bill Petrie talks about how to avoid treating your customers this way!

3 Content Takeaways from HBO’s Latest Ad:  Chef Aubrey Collins jumps in this week to remind us that “interruption marketing” doesn’t have to stink!  She uses the latest HBO ad to teach you how to make better content.  Read more here.

You Are NOT CustomInk:  Each week Chef Marshall Atkinson blogs about the world of promo and decoration.  This week he tells you why you are not CustomInk…you are better.  Read here.

Delivering Marketing Joy:  Each week Chef Kirby Hasseman interviews the movers and shakers in the world of business.  This week, he talks to Megan Zezzo about her latest move.  Watch the full interview here.

Navigate:  Do you control?  Do you manage?  Chef Dale Denham gives us a new word to work toward in our leadership (and parenting) style…Navigate.  Read here.

unScripted Podcast:  Each week Chef Bill Petrie and Chef Kirby Hasseman take on the topics of the industry (and so much more) in the unScripted Podcast.  This week they talk about PPAI’s LEAD Initiative, the One and Done Rule in College Basketball and so much more.  Listen here.

So as you can see, there are a lot of delectable dishes coming out of the Kitchen…and that is just this week! 

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