The Petrie Dish

Every week there are articles published that are of interest to promotional products industry professionals across the land. To save you time, I have culled the internet for the ones you should read and the ones you should skip.

PPEF Announces Bill Schmidt, Sr. Named Scholarship – “Must Read” Article of the Week

This article is a great reminder that a generous spirit can create a legacy.  The passing of Bill Schmidt, Sr. was very sad for many in the promotional products industry.  But the creation of a PPEF Scholarship in his memory seems appropriate.  Thank you, Schmidt Family, for showing us all what creating a legacy looks like.

The Company Reinventing How Bands Sell Merch This Festival Season

This article is a really good look at why promotional products, done right, can really make an impact to the bottom line.  Not only can they be used to market your business (or in this case, your band), but they can be a real profit center too.  You and your clients can leverage the ideas in this article to grow a great brand.

Nike Cuts Golf Equipment, Focuses on Apparel 

When one of the most recognizable brands in the largest category in the industry makes an announcement like this, we should probably pay attention.  Though this might not be a huge shock to the golf world, it stands to reason the best and brightest in our industry should know the details.

Stellar Branding Is Never More Important Than When Building a New Business

Though this article may not be rocket science to the marketing professional, it’s a great reminder about how we should be helping our customers go to market.  As you counsel your newest customers, an article like this can help you bring them back to basics as they begin their branding strategy.

Nike Hides Other Branding in Team USA Photos – Don’t Waste Your Time Article of the Week

It’s actually not so much the article, it’s fine.  But this topic is tired.  Don’t we have this conversation every 4 years?  Of course Nike covers up the other logos?  It happened with the Dream Team in 1992 and every 4 years since.  Like it or not, Nike paid the money…so they create the rules.