The Dish

Every week there are articles published that are of interest to promotional products industry professionals across the land. To save you time, a rotating group of PromoKitchen chefs have culled the internet for the ones you should read and the ones you should skip. This week’s Dish was authored by Chef Dale Denham, MAS+.

6 Steps to Help You Bounce Back When You Lose a Client – “Must Read” Article of the Week

When you lose a client, it can leave your business in a state of shock. But that upset can also help you improve your company and bring in new clients.

Compete in an Amazon World: Danny Rosin Presents at High Five Conference

We should all be paying attention to the impact Amazon has on our industry. This presentation from PromoKitchen Chef and President of Brand Fuel, Danny Rosin, will help you be prepared.

Lithium Batteries How to Keep from Getting Burned

Perhaps you already know that there are strict shipping requirements on lithium batteries but there are all sorts of other potential challenges to be aware of in this top selling industry product.

How Mentoring Can Help You Improve Your Leadership Skills

A mentoring relationship can be a powerful way to accelerate learning and boost leadership skills.  After you read this article, become a PK Mentor.

AAP Works to Stop Border Adjustment Tax Applauds Trumps Tax Reform Efforts

The Border Adjustment Tax has all sorts of potential good and bad consequences. You need to be paying attention to this.  PPAI shares their thoughts in the link above. I too wrote an article warning about the likelihood of 20% higher prices on everything.

10 Ways AI Chatbots Will Change Customer Service 

The Bots are coming, the Bots are coming.  Be ready to adjust and to take advantage of what they have to offer to your business.

Are Promo Distributors Putting Too Much Demand on Suppliers?

Interesting article written by the much beloved Michele Bell who does a great job of looking at both sides of this tricky topic.

Humans Are Entering the Post-Driving Age “Don’t Waste Your Time Reading” Article of the Week

Self-driving cars are a fascinating topic and will be a reality by 2020 for some of us.  This article and all those like it are interesting but not useful in the near term.  In addition, they are full of speculation and a little hype.  Best to spend your time reading other things unless you have business plans related to this space.