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Welcome to Salt & Pepper! Salt & Pepper is basically the PromoKitchen equivalent of debate team. The purpose of this monthly article is to open up discussion and conversation on different challenges facing the Promotional Products Industry. In this edition of Salt & Pepper, Chef Kirby Hasseman and industry veteran Bill Petrie lighten things up a bit.

NOTE: Salt & Pepper is intended to foster intelligent dialogue between professionals. This is not a dagger throwing contest. Be honest and authentic, but please also be kind and keep it classy.


If you are a regular reader of Salt and Pepper, you know we have not avoided topics that are controversial within the industry. This being said, we also know that sometimes its nice to lighten things up and have some fun.   Be sure to chime in with your opinions, and by all means - enjoy!

Salt – Kirby Hasseman:

Coke or Pepsi? Clearly the winner here is Pepsi.  Coca Cola is an iconic brand and a great business, but when compared to the taste of Pepsi, it’s a no brainer. Not even Coke likes the taste of Coke!  That’s why they made the legendary decision to change the recipe…to be more like Pepsi!  I know what Coke fans will say, "That change didn’t work."  True.  Clearly Coke fans are not open to change for the better.  Of course I like Pepsi better.  It’s sweeter…like me.

Best 80’s Movie? I gave this a lot of thought, and though I want to give honorable mention to one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride, I will give the nod to Die Hard!  I am a big fan of John McClain.  Die Hard ushered in a new era of action movies where the hero of the film was human.  He ran out of bullets!  He bled.  He showed a sensitive side when it came to his wife and family.  In addition, this film was so good that it created a genre of action.  Now you hear people say “It’s like Die Hard on a bus, or a ship, or a plane.”  You know a movie is good when all movies that have come after it are still compared to it!

Van Halen Lead Singer:  Roth or Hagar? Obviously Bill chose this one.  I will go with Roth, though Hagar is clearly the better singer, I always remember the flair and flash of Roth.  I don’t remember that Mick Jaggar is a great singer.  I know he is a great performer.  That is what David Lee Roth brings to Van Halen, so I will go with Roth.  At the end of the day, however, I would actually rather listen to Jimmy Buffett!

Pepper – Bill Petrie:

Coke or Pepsi? I’m not sure why this is even a question as Coke is the clear choice. Oh, I’ve tried Pepsi in all its wheels-off varieties (Crystal Pepsi anyone?), but the fact remains it’s simply an inferior beverage when compared to just about any other soft drink, let alone Coke. I am glad that I was never a part of the so-called “Pepsi Generation” as the sickeningly sweet concoction doesn’t represent me. Even from a branding perspective, Coke wins as their logo is an international icon! Sorry Pepsi, but you just don’t measure up – Coke is it!

Best 80’s Movie? There are so many directions one can go on this one – slapstick comedy (Weekend at Bernie’s), brooding teen angst-filled drama (Pretty in Pink), or cliché-ridden action movie (Die Hard). Despite for my unadulterated love for Road House and the lessons that can be learned from it, I am going to choose The Terminator. This movie not only launched the career of the definitive action hero in Arnold Schwarzenegger, it had enormous influence on the entire action genre. It also led to one of the greatest movie sequels ever made: Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Plus, you can’t say the phrase “I’ll be back” without doing a Terminator impression.

Van Halen Lead Singer: Roth or Hagar? This may be the most difficult issue I’ve ever addressed in a public forum as I am truly lead singer agnostic when it comes to the mighty Van Halen. The combination of the musical virtuosity of Edward Van Halen and the party-vibe of David Lee Roth is what made Van Halen (and rock music) so easily accessible in an era of disco and gloomy European metal. When Sammy Hagar joined the band in 1985, he elevated the musicianship and brought a much better vocal quality to the group. This is Salt & Pepper so I have to take a stand.  David Lee Roth may be the quintessential frontman but Sammy Hagar made Van Halen a better band so I will choose Mr. Hagar – however, I still love Dave.

Coke or Pepsi? Best 80's Movie?  Roth or Hagar?!  What's your 2 cents on these highly controversial topics?