Sales: The Key To Making It Happen In 2014 (And Beyond)


By Dave Regan, PromoKitchen Contributor Photo Credit: Håkan Dahlström via Compfight cc

Some like to rehash the pros and cons of the previous year, but it is much more useful to look ahead to the new season. Yet when planning, some scrutiny of the past 12 months might be beneficial: What worked? What did not work? What did we try or not try?

I often hear account executives say that they want to increase their business. Oh, really?

While managing salespeople, I am often in a position to suggest new ideas or approaches. I also take time to explore the ways that they are currently working in an effort to find out what is working for them and what is not.

These new ideas or approaches are examples of things that they can do, things that they can change. However, I too often hear people lamenting what has happened to them. Talking about the things that happened to them are, in most cases, examples of things out of their control, things that they cannot change.

In this situation, I think about a simple prayer that has guided me through much of my adult life:

"One should accept the things that they cannot change, that they should have the courage to change the things they can and most importantly that they should possess the wisdom to know the difference."

The simplicity of this statement is incredible, yet many people don't get it. Why? They keep doing the things that have not worked in the past and don't try anything new!

There is an old saying that the definition of insanity is “when you do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” If the things that you are doing today are not working, you have the power to discontinue those activities. Replace them with other options.

Each of us has the power and the control to make things happen. The past cannot be changed, so learn from it and then let it go. In 2014 (and every new year), try new things, new approaches and new methods. You just might find some things that work better for you. It's the key to making sales happen.

Dave Regan is vice president of sales and marketing at The Vernon Company. Learn more about him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.