Join the PromoKitchen Book Club!

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At PromoKitchen, we’re all about life-long learning and education. What better medium to expand your mind and motivate positive change than a good book?

Recently on #PromoChat, the PromoKitchen community came together to share a list of their favorite books. These reads span an eclectic mix of inspirational topics from leadership, to building great company culture, to marketing, creative storytelling, productivity, and beyond.

Find something that resonates with you! We’ve curated the suggestions on our new PromoKitchen Bookshelf on GoodReads.

Looking for more summer reading suggestions? Our friends at Maple Ridge Farms put together their own list of seven book recommendations from their well read crew.

PS - we’re tossing around the idea of starting an actual PromoKitchen Book Club - are you in? What would you like to read first? Leave us a comment, or chime in on twitter here.