Power Up 2015 Design Contest









A T-Shirt Competition Brought To You By PromoKitchen and District® (by SanMar)

Win $500 cash for you and $500 towards scholarships by creating a design this year's PromoKitchen T-shirt for our event in Las Vegas.

PromoKitchen and District® (by SanMar) are pulling together to kick off 2015 with another great opportunity for all Promo Industry designers —We need you to totally juice up your creative mojo and show us how you can BRAND 2015 with POWER!

THE GIG. Here is your mission if you choose to accept it... We need designers to come up with a new brand for POWER. This new POWER logo will appear on t-shirts for this year's PromoKitchen Power Up Mixer in Las Vegas on Jan 12th.

Ideas to keep in mind with developing this logo design:

· PromoKitchen and District® (by SanMar) have parallel philosophies—we are progressive, active, creative, forward thinking, hip, relevant. The logo has to visually reflect these ideas.

· We feel Knowledge is POWER. This is simple. Education is the key to success in business - make wiser choices, become more professional, better help your clients and community. Take time to learn more about your industry as well. Can the logo be used to help promote this mission?

· As noted comic creator, Stan Lee, said " with great POWER there must also come -- great responsibility". To us this means that those who have the power should take time to give back or pay-it-forward — volunteer your time to help others in need, become a mentor, rescuing damsels in distress and kittens high up in trees is also good. Can your design help inspire the community to get involved?

So does the word POWER speak to you more about super heroes, new 'active ingredients', or a new energy source? Think outside the box (in fact, throw the box AWAY!).  We want to see what your creative mind can dream up!


The winner will receive $500 in cash. In addition to this, District® will make a $500 donation to the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) on the winner’s behalf. Not to mention bragging rights! Your design will be on the t-shirts handed out at the WORLD FAMOUS PromoKitchen Mixer in Las Vegas in 2015 and displayed on PromoKitchen.org!

JUDGING. All submissions will be displayed on PromoKitchen.com and PromoKitchen’s Facebook prior to voting and we will invite public feedback on their favorites. Select PromoKitchen Chefs and District® will make the final decision and the winner will be announced on December 12.

THE FINE PRINT. Artwork requirements: (Please visit: promokitchen.com/power_rules to read all of the official contest rules)

1) Keep your work to 4 spot colors - or LESS! (no gradients please)

2) Be prepared, final art must be vector - .eps or .ai (no embedded jpgs or other files)

3) Please submit a 600x600 px 72 dpi jpg of your work for judging to the address below.

4) We will put your work on display for all to see prior to judging. Please make sure that you include your name, company you work for (must be a promotional products supplier, distributor or service provider), and your position. Include your photo as well!

5) One submission per person, please.

6) Must be YOUR OWN artwork. Please NO clipart or altered copies of other artworks.


· SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK BY DECEMBER 19th · SEND TO CREATIVE@PROMOKITCHEN.COM · Click here to view contest rules · Click here to download t-shirt template 


SO let's POWER UP 2015 with PK POWER!