Marketing With Video: 4 Myths Debunked


The following post was contributed by Heidi Thorne, president and founder of Thorne Communications and publisher of Promo With Purpose Today. According to recent stats, there are 4 billion views on YouTube PER DAY. There are about 800 million unique visitors to YouTube every month. In 2011, there were over 1 trillion video views on YouTube. Translation? That is equivalent to 140 video views by every person on the planet every year. Staggering statistics, eh?

While you may be able to discount various other social media sitesí usefulness, YouTube cannot be ignored for its pulling power. Your customers are there already. So give 'em something to watch!

Many promotional product distributors and suppliers are afraid to start marketing with videos. Theyíre buying into a whole bunch of myths about videomarketing that keep them from even trying. In the following video, I'll debunk four of the biggest myths surrounding videos for business:

Think you could make a video like the one you just watched? Of course you can. You likely already have everything you need to get started.

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