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Every week there are articles published that are of interest to promotional products industry professionals across the land. To save you time, PromoKitchen Chef Bill Petrie has culled the internet and in this weekly feature, tells you which ones you should read and which ones you should skip.

Muhammad Ali Was a Marketing Genius Who Also Happened to Be a Boxer – “Must Read” Article of the Week

In the wake of the death of Muhammad Ali, there have been a ton of articles written. This one is my favorite. The author correctly states that Ali built his brand on “. . . practice, belief, goals, and tenacity.” In an era where boxers were mostly devoid of personality and individuality, Ali recognized the value of his brand and his career became a template for all that followed him. People born in 1980 or later simply cannot understand that impact Ali, his brand, and his beliefs had on the global culture. Just know that without Muhammad Ali, the world would be a much different and less diverse place.  

The Future of Branding is Debranding

This is a fascinating read essentially predicting that people will no longer identify with brands who trade on differentiation. The author argues that in the Internet age, consumers are more focused on the idea that everything is interconnected. In other words, what will distinguish brands is far less important than what brings things – and people - together. It’s a very interesting perspective as we will still very much live in the age of differentiation. The article makes some very compelling arguments that add credence to the predictions.

Walmart Launches Office Supplies Delivery

While the title of this article is a little misleading – it will be Sam’s Club piloting the office supplies delivery – it does mark the company’s first foray into the office products market. With the death of the Office Depot/Staples merger, the retail behemoth sees an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. With the physical footprint Walmart (and Sam’s Club) has across the United States, one has to wonder how long it will be before promotional products become part of the product offering.

4 Reasons Why Food Is Exploding as the Perfect Marketing Medium

Anyone who uses social media likely already knows how a perfectly served plate of food quickly become something to share. This article breaks down why food is such an ideal marketing medium in our culture – and it goes much deeper than the fact that it is an ideal pairing for Instagram. The concept of the “celebrity chef” has penetrated all aspects of marketing over the past decade as we have moved from the understated Emeril Lagasse to the WAY over-the-top Guy Fieri. As one high profile chef states, “We are not in the food or hospitality business. We’re in the happy business!”

2 Ways Promotional Products Can Support Your Inbound Strategy – “Don’t Waste Your Time Reading” Article of the Week

Try as this article might – and it does try – it falls very flat in terms of touting the effectiveness of promotional marketing. Instead of digging deeper into how promotional products can create positive impact, it focuses on the low hanging fruit of dimensional mail and gift giving. While the author does make a very important point that relationships still drive sales, the article doesn’t really give any substance to support his assertion.