Earning Your Apron


This article was written by newly appointed PromoKitchen Chef Russell Bird of The Promo Addict

If you are interested in getting involved with PromoKitchen, but you are too busy to read this whole thing, then click here: http://www.promokitchen.org/get-involved

If you love reading and have a minute to spare, then please continue.

The easiest way to get involved with PromoKitchen is to apply to be a mentee and let one of our mentors help you!  It’s free and they don’t bite. The time commitment for this in minimal, but it gives you a great taste for what PromoKitchen is all about.  Sign up to be a mentee here: http://www.promokitchen.org/mentorship-1/

The next step after that is to be a mentor.  This is your chance to share your wealth of knowledge with someone that is interested in advancing their career and is dedicated to doing what it takes to make it happen. To learn more about being a mentor, click here; http://www.promokitchen.org/mentorship-1/

At the moment we have a big demand for distributor mentors and supplier mentees right now, maybe you could help us clear that up. However, if you don't fit in the categories above, don't let that stop you from signing up.  We are excited to have you and will pair you with someone as soon as possible. 

If the mentor program isn't the right fit for you, we still have a place for you to help! There is always a need for piping hot, thought provoking content, and we can also always use volunteers. 

After going through the PromoKitchen Mentorship program almost three years ago now, I emailed Charity about becoming a Chef.  I was a well seasoned rep with knowledge to share and the drive to do more in the industry.  I was ready to help, so I read the code of conduct found here: http://www.promokitchen.org/member-manifesto/  and sent an email in to apply to be a chef.  The response I got was both measured and motivating; it basically said, "Keep doing what you are doing.  Chefs become chefs mostly by volunteering time and creating content. Do this consistently and you'll earn your apron in no time!"

About a year and a half later PromoKitchen rolled out it’s first Sous Chef Program, which is a way for eager people like me to get involved.  I read about the Sous Chef Program here http://www.promokitchen.org/sous-chef/  and immediately thought "Here is my chance to be helpful!" I helped out at the PK mixer in Vegas 2017 as my first official duty.

In the spring of this year I started on the mentorship committee along side Johanna Gottlieb (https://www.asicentral.com/news/magazines/counselor/may-2017/2017-hot-list-johanna-gottlieb/ ), yes THE Johanna Gottlieb!  From her I have learned a ton about how the mentor committee works,  how people are matched, and everything that goes into making sure all of you wonderful people that want to help are paired with the right person!  We have been working with Eric Granata of Robyn to optimize the pairing process to make it more efficient.  Our hard work paid off.  The program is growing and all three of us, Johanna, Eric, and Myself became the newest Chefs of PromoKitchen!

Looking back at my own story and the "how to get involved" page, I have done almost item available.

- I wrote an article: http://www.promokitchen.org/blog/why-i-recommend-the-promo-kitchen-mentorship-program

- I got involved with the mentorship program

- I read the blog and engaged

- I follow along and comment on Facebook and Twitter

- I listen to the podcasts

- I became a Sous Chef

and, I became a Chef!

In appreciation for the value that PromoKitchen brings to the industry, I am also donating something more than just my time!  http://www.promokitchen.org/donate

To summarize, there are lots of things to do in the kitchen, and lots of ways to help out at many different levels.  You don't have to jump in with the intention of becoming a chef. There are lots of ways to help make our industry better. However, getting involved with PromoKitchen is a great place to start!