A Throwback to the Self-Promo of Yesteryear

The following was recently posted by Dave McLoughlin of McLoughlin, a distributor company in Canada

Anyone in this industry that works at a 2nd generation (or more) family business can likely relate to the fact that you pretty much grew up living and breathing promotional products. 

Our company was started by both of my parents.  It didnt really matter what we were doing or where we were, there was always some sort of shop talk going on. This drove me nuts! My dad couldnt help but carefully study every single pen that was brought to him when it came time to sign the bill at restaraunts, and would proudly proceed to tell the server what supplier and model it was while my sister and I hid under the table in embarassment.  My parents couldn't help themselves. They simply loved what they did and the industry itself as well. 

I recently spent the weekend at my parents' place and while looking for some printer paper in their den, I stumbled upon a box full of their old self promotions. Its absolutely mind blowing the amount of effort they put into these. I couldn't help but take some pics of a few fo them to share. 

This first one was from their first year anniversary in 1989.

This first one was from their first year anniversary in 1989.

Here are some other fun ones. 


Thank you so much for sharing these Dave. These are fantastic!

Are you a generational in the promotional products industry? Do you have a wacky project, fun story, or fond memory about growing up promo?  Please share with us!