9 simple letters . . . We need you.


9 simple letters. We need you.  PromoKitchen operates as a 100% volunteer driven nonprofit organization. We channel our energy into open dialogue, education and mentorship in the $20 billion promotional products industry. We rely on volunteer effort; a group of people dedicated to educating and supporting our community.  And those volunteers who shine, often find themselves in leadership roles, as chefs, helping direct the future of PromoKitchen.

So, how can you get involved? There are two ways:

1) VOLUNTEER opportunities:

-          Social Media

-          Content Creators

-          Voices of the “people/community,” perhaps a mentee in our mentorship program

-          Event support, from speaking engagements and networking events to socials

-          Liaising with regionals, PPAI, ASI and other industry media/organizations.

2) Become a CHEF:

As we embark upon our annual board member/chef selection process this month, we invite you to get more deeply involved. If you feel as if you are ready to contribute at the board/chef, level, we are seeking a only few good wo/men. Here is what we are looking for:  http://promokitchen.com/member-manifesto

Want to take on a volunteer role OR become a chef? Please send an email to dannyr@brandfuel.com NO LATER THAN 9/25 with PromoKitchen Involvement it the subject line. After he receives your email, you will be invited to participate in a leadership survey.