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Current Topics and Descriptions

Growing Your Business with Content Marketing

In this presentation, we will explore the reasons why marketing has changed in the digital era.  We will also explore tactical ways to grow your brand, SEO, and business by using content marketing strategies.

Salt and Pepper (with Bill Petrie)

Bill Petrie and Kirby Hasseman will discuss relevant industry topics to present differing views in an educational environment. Utilizing a debate structure similar to politicians, Kirby and Bill will share their thoughts on a variety of issues that impact both supplier and distributor alike. Additionally, the audience will have a chance to ask both Kirby and Bill questions!

Build Your Business on Purpose

Creating a business with a “purpose” or a mission can not only help the members of the team understand and focus, but it can also help to rally a community of fans.  In addition, you can help to create a better world by making an organization that makes an impact…on purpose!

Putting the Social In Your Media (with Bill Petrie)

Every company, every brand, and every person is a media company, but very few act like it. Just as a media company creates a wide variety of programming to reach different target audiences, promotional products professionals need to leverage different media types to reach a higher level of engagement. From content marketing to video to blogging, this session will teach you how to leverage your unique voice to create meaningful media content that both engages and moves your target audience.

Succeeding in a Give First Economy

In this signature talk, Kirby discusses how we have moved into a “Give First Economy.”  This economy is predicated on the fact that the best companies, salespeople and entrepreneurs provide value before they ask for the sale.  Kirby explains why this has happened and gives specific tactics on how to succeed!



Kirby is the owner of Hasseman Marketing & Communications. In that role he serves in sales, management, motivation, finance and janitorial services. :) He is the author of 3 books including (most recently) Delivering Marketing Joy.

Kirby works to create content around marketing, sales, management, personal development and more. He is passionate about helping other people grow their business!

Kirby has also created a new Web Show called Delivering Marketing Joy where he interviews business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs each week!

Speaking Credits

  • skucon 2015

  • PPAI Expo - 2016

  • skucon - 2016

  • PPAMS Winter Show - 2016

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