Charity Gibson

Current Topics and Descriptions

Social Media 1 and 2  

Social 1 covers the basics of why and how to use social media for your business. Social 2 gets into specifics and covers content creation, writing effective copy,  posting vs. story telling,  how to use hashtags, strategy, finding and closing clients using social media.

Branding U

Branding U is about building a brand that sells itself!  This course covers the importance of being strategic about building your personal and business brands, uncovers what the brand you have built says about you, and discusses how to embrace or change it.


This creative brainstorming session is designed to aid in the creation of killer self promo and generate ideas for current client projects.   Class size is not limited, but in order to optimize for time, smaller class sizes are preferred.

Client's choice

Choose your own adventure.  If you have a topic you'd like to learn more about, I'll create a session custom-tailored to your needs!

Distributor Undercover

Distirbutor Undercover - Supplier's Revealed!   In this hour-long session we unearth the truth behind proof charges, overruns, handling fees, and more. This session is aimed at helping suppliers and distributors work better together!


Charity gibson has counter intuitive thinking and marketplace disruption hard-coded into her dna. in addition, she has been gifted with unparalled creativity, a keen eye for eye-catching design, and a personality that has been described as both playful and magnetic. with these skills as the foundation and a creative marketing strategy that includes leveraging both traditional marketing and digital media, green banana promos (with a little help from a cartoon monkey) has amassed an international following that consists of both clients and industry professionals alike.

Former IT major gone marketing specialist, charity is a tech savvy promotional marketing powerhouse


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