ONE SIMPLE ACT WILL CHANGE A LIFE!  What does it take to make a positive impact in someone’s life? Does it require a huge commitment in time or money? Or, are there simple acts we can all perform to encourage, inspire, clear obstacles, or brighten someone’s day?

The PromoKitchen community recently came together in the spirit of service to encourage everyone to join our One Simple Act movement. Below, we’ve aggregated several simple ways you can make a huge impact in someone’s life, without a big financial or time commitment.

At our 2019 PromoKitchen mixer during PPAI Expo, there was a special theme & purpose. With One Simple Act, we demonstrated how easy it is to make a difference. As our guests enjoyed enlightened conversation over food and drinks, they were encouraged to write notes to children hospitalized at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas. We gathered the get-well cards in our “Giving Tree” and delivered them the next week.

The response we received back from the director of the program told us all we needed to know – we had collectively, and with very little effort, given hope and encouragement to 100+ children that very much needed it.

Looking for ideas? This is a list of One Simple Act ideas that you can do!

Give us your suggestions of Simple Acts you’ve performed, which made a big impact.
What can YOU do? How will you change a life?

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