Kate Plummer never intended to work for her family’s company but 10+ years later she’s finally accepted that her ‘temporary job” has turned into a passion for the growth and success of Clearmount. Her responsibilities range from marketing, sales, customer service, and when needed, she does a mean colorfill.

Fave promo product: I have a knitted toque (beanie for the Americans) problem. So many hats, so many craft beer brands represented.

Fave musician: The Hip have a special place in my heart.

Year started in promo industry: Officially 2007, unofficially 1990. Family business means you start stuffing catalogues at a young age!

First promo ever sold: Awards. Always.

Where do you live: Toronto, Ontario

Fave place to vacation: The family cottage. Reading, baking, swimming, doesn’t get better.

Hobbies: Hiking with my Golden Retriever and trying to not let other people realize how much I talk to him like a human. This plan has not worked yet. 

Fave alternate word for promo: Swag.

Fave quote: “Today I will be happier than a bird with a French fry”

Most Overused word: I have a bad habit of ending sentences in “so..” I didn’t notice it until my sister pointed it out as it drives her nuts, so…

Pet Peeves: How Americans state what city Canadians are with ‘city, Canada’ We would never go New York, USA but it’s always Toronto, Canada. We learned all your states! Learn our provinces!