In my life I’ve collected an eclectic list of other job titles from barista to arts manager to freelance graphic designer. In truth, though, there were only three things I ever wanted to be when I grew up: an astronaut, Superman, or a writer. Since I’m no good at math and (as far as my parents will admit) not from Krypton, I'm going with option three. 

 As far as I’m concerned, tell a good story and your audience will grow. That’s been my philosophy throughout my marketing career, and now I’m putting the expertise I’ve honed crafting, developing and implementing stories to good use as SanMar’s social media guy. 

Favorite promotional product: Any sort of bag, backpack, or tech organizer. I’m a sucker for a good bag. I might have a problem.

Favorite Musician/Band: Garbage

Year started: 2017

Profession before: Arts Management and Marketing (specifically theater)

First promo sold: I mean, come on. It was a t-shirt.

Where do you live: Seattle, WA

Favorite vacation spots: Anywhere with a good comicon or indie bookstore. 

Hobbies: Drawing, complicated board games with rule books thicker than most catalogs, and keeping up on my Goodreads list.

Favorite alt word for “promo product”: Swag

Favorite quote: “If you do something to benefit one person, that is an absolute gain, and it’s relative insignificance in the wider scheme is irrelevant…There is no excuse beyond fatalistic self-indulgence and sheer laziness for doing nothing.” - Iain M. Banks, Transition