PromoKitchen Podcast: Warehousing and Logistics with Harry Thetford (Dollar Tree)


In this episode, Mark Graham (commonsku) and Robert Fiveash (Brand Fuel) explore the world of distribution, fulfillment and logistics. End client marketing needs have split our industry in two - on one hand we have custom drop ship orders that never touch a distributor’s office while on the hand, we have complex company store models that require distribution and fulfillment oversight. The latter category is what we explore today with our guest, Harry Thetford.

Harry is the Distribution Center General Manager at Dollar Tree Stores based in Chesapeake Virginia. While Harry is not directly involved in the promotional products industry, he manages a 400,000 square foot retail distribution center supporting 300 Mid-Atlantic Dollar Tree stores. In this capacity, he has a unique view of distribution and fulfillment trends that also impact our industry. We wanted to share this fascinating conversation with the PromoKitchen community.