PromoKitchen Podcast #98 - Adam Walterscheid, T-shirt Tycoon


Mark Graham, co-founder of commonsku and fellow chef and rabble rouser Jason Lucash, President of OrigAudio have a special episode lined up for you today as they speak with one of the emerging entrepreneurs in our industry, Adam Walterscheid.

Ask Adam how his day is going and the response you get is “It’s great, just another day in t-shirt paradise.”

The son of a cotton farmer, Adam learned early how cotton was made and distributed for wearables.  Being a Division 1 Athlete taught him that it’s not just about you, it’s about the team around you.  In 2003, Adam founded Pony Express, one of the first screen printers in the USA to introduce soft hand water base/discharge printing to corporate markets.  In 2010, he sold Pony Express and promptly starting thinking about his next venture.

And on January 1, 2011, he established that venture when Tshirt Tycoon Solutions, Inc. was born.

T-Shirt Tycoon is an expert in apparel and apparel decoration, private labeling and merchandising a company’s brand through wearables.  Since its founding, the company has experienced exponential growth and has been recognized as one of the industry’s fastest growing suppliers for the last few years. In 2015, Adam was selected as Supplier Entrepreneur of the Year by ASI.

I remember sitting in the audience at the awards show thinking to myself “this is someone to watch.”

The future is bright for T-Shirt Tycoon, with a goal of becoming a $40 million company in the next five years. Let’s find out how he’s going to get there.