PromoKitchen Podcast #92 alphabroder | Bodek & Rhodes

Today Chefs Mark Graham and Danny Rosin bring you a special edition PK Podcast -

On Dec 8, news broke of the merger between 2 of the largest apparel suppliers in the industry: alphabroder and Bodek and Rhodes. According to ASI’s Top 40 Supplier list, the combined sales of these 2 companies is now over $1 Billion making this the first company in the promotional products industry to cross that threshold.

This is the third major addition for alphabroder in the last few years, after it added Imprints Wholesale in 2012 and Ash City Worldwide in 2014. From the looks of it, alphabroder is just getting started.

Joining us today to discuss the reasons for the merger, what’s ahead for both companies and the impact of a billion dollar supplier on the industry are Norm Hullinger, CEO of alphabroder, and Mike Rhodes, CEO of Bodek and Rhodes.


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