PromoKitchen Podcast #134 | Gene Geiger


In this episode of the PromoKitchen podcast, Mark Graham sits down with Gene Geiger, CEO of Geiger. Gene was last on the program in January 2015 and since then he’s been busy making headlines by expanding Geiger’s presence beyond the US. Specifically, just this past week Gene announced that Geiger was merging with the UK’s largest family-owned distributor, BTC Group.

During their conversation, Mark and Gene unpack what this merger means for Geiger and the industry overall. We have seen a few global merger and acquisition announcements in the last few years and we are only seeing the beginning of an interesting trend as companies in the promotional products industry ready themselves for the demands of a global customer base. Mark also speaks with Gene about the process he follows for making acquisitions work, given the challenges of integrating different company cultures and systems.