PromoKitchen Podcast #131 | Jonathan Isaacson


Welcome to the PromoKitchen podcast. We are a community inspired conversation featuring boundary pushers, rabble rousers, freaks and geeks who are shaking up the $20 BN promotional products industry.

In this podcast, Mark Graham, co-founder of commonsku, speaks with Jonathan Isaacson, CEO of Gemline, about an exciting brand partnership that Gemline just struck with RuMe Brandsuite.

According to the press release, Gemline will be taking over the distribution of the RuMe product suite for the promotional products channel effective January 2018.

Mark wanted to speak with Jonathan about what this means for Gemline and RuMe, but also to get an understanding about how this trend towards brand partnerships seems to be as prominent as ever in the industry today.

Since Mark had the chance to speak with Jonathan while the ink on the press release was still drying and wanted to share the discussion with the PromoKitchen community.