PromoKitchen Podcast #120 - Amanda Delaney

Mark Graham and Danny Rosin co-host this very special episode. 
When we started PromoKitchen in 2011, our mandate was to create an open dialog about the white elephants in our industry.  Over the past 100+ episodes of this podcast, we have looked at everything from the incursions of Alibaba and Amazon to supply chain disruption to the changing behaviors of end clients. We pride ourselves on addressing topics that bring people together on challenging issues.
We continue this theme in today’s episode as we discuss one of the darker sides of the human condition: drug and alcohol abuse, and the ways it can wreak havoc on individual lives and as well as those lives around us. In particular, we are going to focus on issues facing the promotional products industry.
We are incredibly honored to welcome Amanda Delaney to the PromoKitchen podcast today. Some listeners may be familiar with Amanda as she worked in the industry as a supplier rep for 15 years. In 2016, she left the industry and checked into rehab after coming to terms with her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Amanda has been very open about her story and her path to sobriety on her blog After reading her blog and realizing this was a very personal and sensitive topic, Danny and Mark approached her to see if she was comfortable sharing her story with the PK community. Amanda responded with great interest. Our goal is to shine a light on this difficult, yet important subject matter so we can create greater awareness about drug and alcohol abuse in our industry – and perhaps, help people who are currently struggling with the challenge of addiction.

Note: We included Jason's Isbell's song Traveling Alone as part of our intro and outro music. Isbell has been quite open about his struggles with addiction and we felt this was the right way to complement this episode.