PromoKitchen Podcast #118 - Tim Brown, QCA

In today’s podcast we delve into the world of product safety, why it matters and how we can get people to truly care about it. I, (Mark Graham) must admit that when I first spoke to Tim about doing a product safety podcast, I was concerned about it coming across as dry and boring. After all, everyone knows that product safety is important, but many distributors in our industry often think of the landing the business first vs thinking of the mechanics of the product. After all, isn’t that the supplier’s job?

However, I felt that if anyone could shine a bright light on product safety, and make it interesting and relevant to the average distributor, it was Tim Brown.

Tim Brown is the Executive Director of Operations, at the Quality Certification Alliance (commonly known as QCA). In this role, Tim is responsible for the overall direction and operational oversight of QCA. He is focused on increasing QCA’s visibility both within the supplier/distributor community as well as more broadly outside the industry to ensure QCA remains a responsive organization in terms of educating its participants on issues related to responsible sourcing.

We are also joined by Cliff Quicksell. Cliff has been involved in the promotional products and sportswear industries for the past 33 years.  During this tenure, he has been a mainstay on the education circuit at PPAI, ASI and several regional associations. Cliff’s perspective on product safety comes from his supplier and distributor backgrounds, not to mention his many years observing industry trends.