PromoKitchen Podcast #108 | Daniel Bielak - Are We Ready for Gen Z?


Mark Graham, co-founder of commonsku, joined by blogger, consultant and all around promotional products nice guy, Bill Petrie, President of brandivate.

Many people in our industry worry and complain about the younger generation, most commonly known as millennials or Gen Y. Whether their concerns are based on reality or fiction, suffice it to say that much ink has been spilled on why our industry needs to sit up and pay attention to younger buyers and employees.

While today’s podcast will add to the Gen Y conversation, we are more interested in exploring the group that is coming up behind them, Gen Z.

Loosely defined as those born between 1995-2012, Gen Z is cast in a slightly more positive light than their Gen Y brethren. They are described as “conscientious, hard-working, somewhat anxious and mindful of the future.” Like Gen Y, they are technology natives and have very high expectations of employers and the brands they support. Gen Z will also have an important impact on the promotional products industry very soon.

This leads me to our guest today, Daniel Bielak.

Mark Graham met Daniel at the Archangel conference in Toronto which attracted incredible speakers such Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk and Robin Sharma. At 17 years of age, Daniel stood out as a curious and conscientious young attendee and Mark knew that he would provide a fascinating perspective to the Gen Z conversation.

Ever since Daniel was a kid he’s always wanted to help people be successful, especially young people.

Daniel is the founder and host of the Youth Empowerment Podcast. On the podcast he has interviewed some of the world’s greatest influencers, leaders and inspirational people.

Daniel also tells us that he has eye on the Prime Minister of Canada’s job in 2035. He is someone with no shortage of ambition.

Please welcome to the PromoKitchen Podcast, Daniel Bielak.