PromoKitchen Podcast #106 | Johanna Gottlieb, Senior Branding Specialist, Axis Promotions

Several months ago Mark Graham and fellow chef Jason Lucash were talking about a fun theme for an episode or two. The idea was to explore what it means to be a rebel.

For anyone who knows Jason Lucash, they won’t be surprised that the idea of rebellion is something that comes pretty naturally. When asked who should be the first guest on this so-called rebel show, he said: “That’s easy: Johanna Gottlieb.”

So, let’s turn attention towards Johanna ...

Johanna is a Senior Branding Specialist at Axis Promotions. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Johanna holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communications from the New York Institute of Technology and an undergraduate degree from Iona College. Johanna worked at the Axis New York City office for almost 7 years before packing up her promotional bag of tricks in 2012 and moving to Chicago.

In Chicago, she lives with her husband (who she met at Axis) and
her daughter, Olivia Bella. Johanna loves running, being a mom and making a ruckus in the promotional products industry. Her mom was born in Cuba, so she knows a thing or two about cooking. Her father was born in Argentina and, together, they can dance a mean tango.