PromoKitchen Podcast #105 | Rebecca Kohlmann, Fox World Travel

Join Mark Graham and Danny Rosin as they speak with a promotional products alumnus and to understand what the world looks like when you move from distributor to end user.

Our guest today is no stranger to many listeners: Rebecca Kohlmann. Rebecca got her start in the promotional products industry as the Marketing Manager for 4imprint in 1996. In 2004, she moved over to head up Business Development for AIA, a role excelled at for 11 years before moving away from the industry to join Fox World Travel as their Director of Marketing.

Fox World Travel provides travel management, meeting and incentive services and vacation travel to a range of clientele across the US. They are also an end user like the millions of other end users that distributors call upon every day. Part of what we’ll explore with Rebecca today is how our industry looks now that she’s on the other side of the fence as a buyer. I hope everyone is taking notes!