PromoKitchen Podcast #102 - The SUPER Podcast!

We are conducting a grand experiment today. We recently recorded episode 100, and to honor this we wanted to get as many chefs on a podcast as possible. On today’s podcast - PromoKitchen Podcast #102 -  we welcome PromoKitchen chefs Charity Gibson, Aubrey Collins, Danny Rosin, Kirby Hasseman, Marshall Atkinson, Robert Fiveash, Larry Cohen, Patrick Black, Tee Hamilton, Bill Petrie, Dale Denham, Jess Hutwelker, Nate Bailey and Roger Burnett.

We wanted to hear from them about what they’ve learned from the podcast, what’s surprised them and even what’s irked them. We’re already thinking about the next 100 episodes and in order to move forward, it’s worthwhile to look back.

EDITORS NOTE: I want to give a special shout out to Mark Graham who has volunteered countless hours to host and edit these for the community to enjoy over the past five years and running. To Mark, all of our chefs past and present, all of our guests, podcast sponsors, and to each and every single person in the PK community that has supported this endeavor - THANK YOU.  We appreciate you!   -CG

 With out further ado - mangia e statti zitto - Let's eat!