PromoKitchen Podcast #101 | David Nicholson, PCNA

Joining Mark Graham for an interview with David Nicholson, President of Polyconcept North America. Polyconcept (PCNA) is one of the industry’s largest and most influential suppliers. Under David’s leadership, Polyconcept has grown into a $ ½ billion organization. It’s been a staggering run.

On July 18, the industry learned that Polyconcept was acquired by Charlesbank Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on middle market companies. This acquisition marked the end of a successful 11-year partnership with Investcorp. The 2005 acquisition, which consisted of PF Concept in Europe and Leed's in the United States, marked the formation of Polyconcept.

In our episode, we will talk to David about the reasons for the acquisition, and what it means for Polyconcept and the industry as a whole.