PK Podcast #84 - Tonia Allen Gould

In today's PK Podcast episode,  chefs Mark Graham, co-founder of commonsku and Danny Rosin, President of Brand Fuel get the chance to speak with one of the industry’s most energetic, creative and adventurous entrepreneurs, Tonia Allen Gould.

Tonia is the owner/founder of Tagsource, an award-winning, consumer promotions and marketing agency.  With a creative, client-centric approach to brand development, TAG! builds unique promotional marketing campaigns that assists its clients in taking their products or services to an enlightened consumer in a rapidly changing media environment.  Outside of her distributor business, Tonia is also a published  author, having written a fabulous children’s picture book, Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore in 2013. Tonia has turned her book into a full fledged social initiative with the launch of the “Finding Corte Magore” project. Finding Corte Magore works virtually to connect a global community of professionals, students, and crowdfunders to aid the educationally and economically repressed country of Nicaragua.

Mark and Danny speak to Tonia about what it takes to be a creative distributor in 2015, finding meaning in one’s work, and how to successfully tackle a side project and turn it into a force for positive change.

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Photo courtesy of JennKL Photography |  Los Angeles, CA