PK Podcast #83 - Jacques Panis, Shinola

In this episode of the PK Podcast, Mark Graham and fellow chef Robert Fiveash speak with the leader of one of America's most interesting and bravest new companies, Shinola.

Today's guest is also a promotional products alumnus, a former employee of Brand Fuel no less, and he speaks to us on how his time in the industry prepared him for a career in retail and brand building.

With over 10 years of experience spanning marketing, branding, and sales, Jacques Panis joined Shinola in 2010 to direct the company's product development and strategic direction. In 2013, he became President. Prior to Shinola, Jacques served as a founding member of Webosaurs and led the interactive division at the Dallas-based animation studio, Reel FX.

For the uninitiated, Shinola is based in Detroit and is dedicated to producing American built products. Shinola manufacturers and sells its own line of watches, bicycles, leather goods, and journals of the highest possible quality.