PK Podcast #75 - Aaron Draplin

Every February a team of marketing and design geeks descend upon Raleigh for the annual High Five Conference. At this year's event, no one was geekier than today’s guest. This someone dazzled the High Five audience with stories about how he became a one man graphic design branding machine and how local advertising campaigns were manhandled under the ruse of his newly formed, and gigantically reckless, Draplin Design Co.

In today’s episode, PK Chefs Mark Graham of commonsku, Danny Rosin of Brand Fuel, and Tee Hamilton of CreativeAlchemy, speak with the one and only - Aaron James Draplin, who is also the founder of Field Notes. Listen in as they talk about art, graphic design and zigging while others are zagging.

*Just a quick note to listeners of this particular episode: If you are sensitive to the use of strong language you should be advised that this podcast was left unbleeped and uncensored to maintain the authenticity and (as our resident Canadian Mark Graham would say...) flavour of the interview.   If you choose not to listen, we understand. Alternate (and completely unrelated to anything) entertainment can be found here.