PK Podcast #73 - West Coast U.S. Ports Conflict


Today we are bringing you a very special podcast on the West Coast U.S. Ports Conflict. This conflict is creating chaos with International trade shipments. The primary issue is an unresolved labor conflict which is currently causing major disruption to the delivery of 50% of all US Imported goods and 70% of all imported goods coming from Asia.  This particular conflict is described as the worst in history as far as delays and consequences. If you are wondering what this port shutdown has to do with you, dare we venture to say that as a professional in the industry of branded merchandise, it has everything to do with you.

Join PromoKitchen chefs Jonathan Irvin, Founder and President of Branded Logisitics, and Jason Lucash Co-Founder of OrigAudio in a discussion with Jane Sorenson, Vice President, Customs & Import Services at CEVA Logistics.

Wondering how you can help? Tell the President and your members of Congress to take action now!  You can click here to visit the PPAI Law site to find names and contact information of elected officials serving your area.  Make a call, write a letter, and get involved today.