PK #7 - Dana Zezzo

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In this episode, Bobby Lehew and Dana Zezzo meet for an early morning chat at the ASI Power Summit. (Tim Andrews even makes a cameo appearance as a photographer). A fast-paced, rich conversation on a myriad of topics, including:

  • The law of reciprocity and the power of giving away your secrets
  • Zezzo's Three Levels of Marketing
  • National account advice
  • Powerful advice for beginning suppliers
  • Using your competition to establish benchmarks for yourself
  • Giving back to your industry
  • The paradigm shift and risk of publishing thought leadership for an industry

The PK Podcast is a weekly conversation hosted by Mark Graham and Bobby Lehew featuring guest suppliers, distributors and service providers discussing opportunities, challenges and insights into the promotional products business. The purpose of the podcast is to to bring the conversation we are already having at shows and restaurants to a public forum where we can all listen and learn. As a continued commitment to mentor those new in the industry, the podcast will feature a broad spectrum of topics. If you wish to participate in the podcast, please read our editorial guidelines then fill out our form and we’ll be in touch!