PromoKitchen Podcast #128 | A Conversation with Charity Gibson - More than just #metoo


Last week we published Mark Graham's article titled, "#UsToo" to bring awareness to that fact that sexual harassment is one, not ok, and two, more prevalent in our industry that one might realize. 

To bring the article additional context, and to bring even more awareness to this problem that exists both outside and inside the walls of the promotional products industry, Mark has an open conversation with fellow PK chef Charity Gibson.  After reviewing the original article prior to publishing, Charity expressed her interest in providing commentary on this issue in an effort to ensure that our community knows and understands that we didn't want to publish and article on this controversial topic just for the sake of having something to say, but instead because this topic is one that is not only very serious, but impacts people in such a profound way both mentally and emotionally.  She wants the conversation, awareness, and action toward putting an end to this problem to continue long after people stop posting the hashtag on their social media pages.  Why? She has a very personal reason and this podcast is her story. And, just like every other victim of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, there is a lot more to it than just #metoo. 

Note: This podcast, and the post which came before it, are meant to open up a conversation about a very difficult subject. How can we impact change in a positive and constructive manner? What issues should we be facing head on? This is not a witch hunt, and *not* the forum for mentioning names – please be respectful of this so we can keep the conversation going. Rather, this is a place for all of us to come together to talk about how we can make our industry stronger, healthier, more fair.