I am a husband, father of 3, beach bum, and the President/CEO of Perfect Imprints. During my first career as a paramedic, I had 3-4 days off per week and needed something productive to do. I began my part-time career in the promotional products industry back in 1999 with a focus on e-commerce sales, before ecommerce was cool. One day (while still working full-time as a paramedic), when one of my daughters was about 2 years old, my wife told her that "Daddy was on his way home from work." My daughter replied, "Who's Daddy?" The next week I gave up my beloved 9 year career as a paramedic and traded it for another professional love – full-time promotional products consultant. To this day, I still keep my paramedic license current for service work, such as disaster relief, but my focus is on my family and business. Since the beginning of my promo career, my goal has been to differentiate from other ecommerce companies and actually develop personable, professional relationships with my clients. After 16+ years in the industry, my excitement level is higher than ever!

Fave promo product: Stainless Steel Tumblers

Fave musician: Imagine Dragons, The Avett Brothers, older Mumford & Sons

Year started in promo industry: 1999

Profession before promo industry: Paramedic

First promo ever sold: Bic Clic Stics to my then current employer

Where do you live: Paradise – Otherwise known as Fort Walton Beach, FL

Fave place to vacation: A cruise to anywhere warm!

Hobbies: Eating, Hanging with my family, Eating, Running, Eating, Traveling, Eating, Reading

Fave alternate word for promo: promos or SWAG

Fave quote: Decide what to be and go be it.” From “Head Full of Doubt” by The Avett Brothers.

Most overused word: Hack, hacker, hacks, and every other form of this word. You see it everywhere, especially online: life hackin.

Least favorite promotional product: Selfie Sticks, Fidget Spinners

Favorite industry events: PPAI Expo and Power Meetings