Jon Norris is the VP of Operations at Starline, based in Buffalo, NY.  Jon grew up in the promo industry when his dad ran Alabaster Industries/Sales Maker out of Alabaster, AL. Jon is currently the chair of the PPAI Technology Committee.   In 2014 he was named a rising star by PPB.  Jon is currently a Millennial. 

Favorite Promotional Product: Starline Vacuum Tumbler – SV95BM, I rock this thing daily.

 Favorite Musician: Whatever is free on the internet

Year Started: 2004

First Promo product Sold: What we are supposed to be selling stuff?

Where do you live: Buffalo, NY

Favorite place to go on vacation: Any place with woods that isn’t too hot

 Hobbies: Hunting, Camping, Family Raising, Flatcoated Retriever Breeder, The interwebs, technology, animals

Fave alt word for promo: SWAG. I like the term SWAG because it has to many meanings.  To a 50 year old SWAG means something completely different than a 18 yr old.  Google it….

Favorite Quote: Life’s a garden, dig it! – Joe Dirt

 Most Overused Word: ermahgerd…..when I get stuck on a meme, its game over.  I am just glad that ermahgerd replaced y u no and all the things!