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Johanna Gottlieb is the VP of Sales in the Midwest for Axis Promotions. She is from Long Island, NY. Her mom was born in Cuba and her dad was born in Argentina so she grew up learning English and Spanish at the same time. Jo lives in Chicago with her husband Joseph (who she met at Axis!) and their daughters Olivia Bella and Lola Grace. She opened an office in Chicago in 2012 and has been with Axis for about 14 years. She loves how the job keeps her on her toes everyday. Jo was named to Counselor Magazine's Hot List in 2017.

Favorite promotional product: So many! I love the Wedge from Toddy gear (desktop phone holder and screen cleaner) and I love apparel. I believe there is so much power in holding a pen with a great imprint. Promos can be large or small, expensive or inexpensive. If done the right way they can have a great impact for a brand. I think packaging is SO important these days. You can really make a project pop with amazing packaging.

Favorite musical artist: Too many to name. Love me some Bruuuuccccceeeeee, the Beatles, the list goes on.

Favorite work attire:  Boho chic. Comfort is a must but so are great shoes and a killer handbag.

Year started in the promotional industry: 2006

Profession before the promotional industry: Working at an Osteopathic Medical school teaching medical students how to work with patients through a standardized robotics lab.

Things I love: Seeing the world through my children's eyes, Giving compliments, Practicing gratitude, the Promokitchen mentor program, family (especially her 8 nieces and nephews), friends, margaritas and working out.

Favorite quote: "Your love doesn't die, it multiplies"