Danny Rosin is co-president of Brand Fuel and has more than 20 years of promotional marketing expertise.

Fave promo product: T-shirts are the best. They are memes, walking billboards, novelties, fashion statements, utilitarian, reasonably priced, universal weekend wear. With a great logo/design/message, they have sentimental attachment.

Fave musician: Alive: Jack White (because of what he stands for)  Dead: Bob Marley (because of what he stood for)

Year started in promo industry: 1990

Profession before promo industry: student

First promo ever sold: “Dook Sucks” t-shirts to rabid Carolina fans.

Where do you live: Raleigh, NC

Fave place to vacation: Anywhere with family and adventure (and hopefully live music)

Hobbies: bottle rocket play, pop rocks consumption, family activities, live music, paying it forward, finding the fun in everything.

Fave alternate word for promo: swag (Serendipitous Wondrous, Audacious, Giveaways)

Fave quote: "If you don't require the journey to be easy or comfortable or safe, you can change the world." Seth Godin

Most Overused word: actually

Pet Peeves: Unnecessary waste, Unnecessary traffic, Unnecessary air guitar.