Born into our business. I am very lucky to be able to work w/ my mother and father each and every day. Three are certainly times of distress, but I get go to see or at least speak with my parents every day of my life, which is pretty cool. I thoroughly enjoy our business and hopefully my passion for it resonates with our team in house.

I have recently taken a new role over the past year from predominantly sales to more of an operations responsibility. I have gained an immense amount of respect for those that execute behind the scenes, of which I used to think was the easy part, and it certainly is not. I am looking forward to working closely with our new partners at Admints to help take both our companies to the next level, especially on the packaging side of things. I am also looking to spark up knowledge on how our apparel program works, and get more and more distributors on board with it.

Outside of work, I am looking forward to taking a little more time to myself and doing some traveling for pleasure this year.