Bill has over 17 years working in executive leadership positions at leading promotional products distributorships. Through his career, his primary focus has been working collaboratively with others to achieve common goals. In 2014, he launched brandivate – the first executive outsourcing company solely focused on helping small and medium sized promotional products enterprises responsibly grow their business. In 2017, brandivate was acquired by PromoCorner where he now serves as president.

A featured speaker at numerous national and international industry events, a serial creator of content marketing, and PromoKitchen chef, Bill has extensive experience coaching sales teams, creating successful marketing campaigns, developing operational policies and procedures, creating and developing winning RFP responses, and presenting winning promotional products solutions to Fortune 500 clients. 

Bill is the father of 15 year old, red-headed twin boys and has been married to his bride, Sandy, for almost 24 years. He resides in Franklin, TN.

Favorite Promotional Product: The venerable backpack – I have a closet full of them and am in constant search for the perfect one.

Favorite Musician: Too many to pick one so I am changing this to a plural question. In no particular order: Eric Johnson, Beatles, Van Halen, Sturgill Simpson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Queen, Foo Fighters, Harry Nilsson, Guster, and Pink Floyd.

Year started in the promotional products industry: 2000

Profession before the promotional products industry: Facilitating mergers/acquisitions in the office products industry

First promotional product sold: a mess of Bic Clic Stic pens

Where do you live? Franklin, TN

Favorite place to go on vacation: Anywhere I can fully unplug and bask in the silence – either that or a music festival.


1. Hanging out with my family

2. Making barbecue and cooking

3. Creative writing

4. Attending concerts – just about any genre

What is your favorite alternative word/phrase for the term “promotional product?”: Branded merchandise.

Favorite quote: “You can either fit in or stand out. Not both.” – Seth Godin

Most overused word: Disruption. It’s quickly becoming a crutch word of generic business speak and is in danger of losing its true meaning. 

First concert: Kenny Rogers with the watermelon-smashing comedian Gallagher as the opener. I’m still a little scarred.

Best excuse to get out of something: Having spent a measurable portion of my childhood in front of a television, I tend to follow many of their teachings including this nugget from Greg Brady: “Something suddenly came up.”

Strangest trait: Anyone who knows me understands I have SEVERE time issues and absolutely have no ability to handle being late. As such, I’m always early and have mastered “circling” an event so I don’t become “that guy who is inappropriately early.”