In high school, it was deemed that I lived in Aubrey’s World: Where Everything is Simple and Nice. I’m happy to say I still live there — at least most days.

My world is filled with lots of simple and nice things that I adore: ample notebooks and great pens; a loving and encouraging husband; a spunky, sweet, and adorable daughter; caring and supportive family and friends; and innovative, pioneering, and creative colleagues.

As a writer, marketer, and communications professional, I’ve been helping brands tell their stories internally and externally for nearly 15 years. For the last five, it’s been in this wacky, wild, and wonderful industry heading up marketing and communications efforts for the equally wacky, wild, and wonderful MediaTree.

When I’m not writing, obsessively tweaking content, or geeking out over podcasts and NPR, you can usually find me drawing, painting, or playing with Play-Doh with my daughter, Emmy — or chasing her down to wipe her tie-dye colored hands before she can touch anything. The rest of my time is spent enjoying some wine and movies with my husband, Jon, and snuggling with perhaps the world’s only Basset Hound/Kuvasz mix, Cooper, and Beagle/Doberman mix, Lily.  

Favorite promotional product: A metal window hook from probably the 1950s that was branded for my grandfather’s gas station and garage. It was used before cars had built-in hooks. It held a gentleman’s hat or suit jacket with the hook and advertised the business on pedestrian-facing side.

Favorite musician: Probably Neil Diamond (Yes, seriously.)

Year started in the promotional products industry: 2011

Profession before the promotional industry: Corporate communications and copywriting

First promotional product you sold: Digital Reward Card — not much has changed 

Where do you live? Caldwell, NJ

Favorite place to go on vacation? The last place I’ve been…until I go on the next vacation.

Hobbies: Playing with my daughter, writing, drawing sad, Simpson-eqsue looking cartoons, reading, and watching too many documentaries

What is your favorite alternate word for the term “promotional product?” Branded merchandise  

Most overused word: Like, um, like.

Favorite Song? “Under Pressure” — on repeat.

What Golden Girl are you? Rose. Definitely Rose.

What are the nerdiest things about you? 1. I’m obsessed with em dashes. 2. I literally get excited each time I get to write the possessive “its.” 3. I love office supplies, especially binder clips.